Video Settings Required to Upload an Instagram Story

If you're here then you're most likely struggling to figure out how to get past the "couldn't upload. Try again" messages you're getting when uploading a video to Instagram stories.

I've looked around online and found that there is not much on the optimal settings for getting your edited video to play nicely with Instagram so here are the settings I used to get my videos working in Instagram Stories.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5

Most online methods didn't work for my android phone. However, I discovered that when Exporting in Premiere Pro if you go to the "Presets" tab when exporting and choose Android Phone & Tablet, it magically works when uploading to Instagram Stories. Hope this helps others :)

For those who want a bit more detail, here are the settings that I have selected prior to exporting. This is also assuming that you've already set your aspect ratio in your editing window.

Adobe Premiere Pro Settings

Export Settings

Format: H.264

Preset: Android Phone & Tablet - 480p 23.976 (We will change some settings later)



Basic Video Settings

Click Match Source (Assuming that you've set your video settings to the desired resolution. I have mine at 1080 x 1920. I've also used 900 x 1600. They are the same aspect ratio of 9 - 16)

Frame Rate: 24 (I shoot predominantly in 24fps and this can be changed)

Field Order: Progressive

Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)

TV Standard: NTSC

Profile: Main

Level: 4.1

Render at Maximum Depth: Off



Audio Format Settings

Audio Format: AAC

Basic Audio Settings

Audio Codec: AAC

Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Channels: Mono

Audio Quality: High


Click "Use Maximum Render Quality"


And click "Export". I save to my Dropbox account so that I can access the video from my dropbox app on my phone and tablet.


Leave any information in the comments below if you've found something that has worked for you. Add your Phone/Tablet model, name of software and relevant information.

Alps - Novo Amor & Ed Tullett (Daren Sirbough Cover)

This is my cover of the beautiful song "Alps" by Novo Amor & Ed Tullett.

I just recently heard of these guys and fell in love with this song!


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