Why I quit music as my main income stream

I've been playing music my whole life, I've been teaching music since I was 19 and up until 2017 I had only thought of music as my only career option. I would never have thought that I'd be writing about this topic today and had you told me two years ago that I'd be doing something completely different for a career, I'd tell you that you were crazy!

The creative process

It's a fine Tuesday morning here in Sydney and thought I'd better start the day getting something out into the world that might help someone. I've been creating music and videos for quite some time now and there are a few things that I've picked up on the way on how to go about completing the creative process. So here is a list of things that need to happen in order to get the creative process started and finished. I know a lot of these seem obvious but often times it's a good thing to go over the fundamentals (myself included).

Vantablack - Words behind the music.

When I think of the life I have had in the pentecostal persuasion and all that comes with the territory, the title of the song fits perfectly as a constant lurking idea that absorbs light into the abyss. The flirtation with the religious and the goodness that can be present within all human beings begs the question, "Is this song saying that religion absorbs any goodness [light] from within man and attempts to turn men to complete darkness"?

2018 Goals

I'm sitting here in a cosy Airbnb in Melbourne taking stock of 2017 and making a list of things I'd love to see become a reality in 2018. Like all of us, life goes up and down and we mountaintop moments and moments in the valley. There's nothing surprising about that. However, I am a firm believer that it is what we do with those moments that can move us forward in life. It's the inspiration that we take from mountaintop moments that continues to fuel us when we are in that valley.