I've been meaning to write about many absurdities in life. I guess I should first give you my idea of what absurdism is.

Absurdism is a philosophical stance embracing a wide range of relativist perspectives, which implies that the efforts of humanity to find or absolutely define, limit, express or exclude the inherent meanings of anything, including human existence, are absurd because the qualities of communicable information available to the human mind, and relationships within Reality makes any certainty about such impossible. Absurdist assessments stand in contrast to many assumptions of absolutism. Philosophical schools of absurdism explore the fundamental nature of the Absurd and how individuals, once they become aware of it, can or should react to it and to circumstances they encounter.

The difficulty I have in being able to define the meaning of life is enormous. I have looked and looked and looked and cannot discover it in anything external. The only way I've found peace within is to have defined what that is for myself on a personal level and to be aware that it changes from time to time as we grow and are informed by the world around us. I have not found it in religion, ideologies or self help books. All I've found in those things are circumstances in which each set of rules is challenged by the world around us and is often rendered useless.

What do I aim to achieve by sharing this with you? Nothing at all really. It's not my aim to convert you to anything. I'm simply sharing my thoughts here.