I cannot stay.

I've been recently musing about a time in my life where I'd finished university studies and was living in my hometown. I had good friends but always felt that I was never completely into what everyone else was into. I never really felt like it was my scene. My friends would go on surf trips, do the usual things that you do in your hometown to pass the time and I just knew inside that I wanted something more. I could never really get into whatever they were getting into.

I used to travel from Cronulla to Bondi and Surry Hills on my days off just to get a coffee. It's only an hour away and I just felt that doing that helped me to get out of the bubble that I felt so claustrophobic in. When I'd leave, I'd feel a sense of "possibility" in myself. I'd have this feeling that anything was possible because I had moved myself away physically from those that were happy to do whatever it is you'd regularly do.

I grew up in this area yet I never managed to fit in.

Looking back on this time, I realized that I was craving something more then I had currently experienced. I was craving new things. I was craving a new way of living. It was the beginning of my curiosity to learn and grow beyond my own perspective.

I don't think there's anything wrong with staying in your hometown and living that simple life. However many others that I've conversed with over the years have had this similar feeling and have been confused on how to go about changing your life in order to satisfy those desires.

Often at times it can feel like you are an alien and that you don't belong. Far from it. There are many others that feel isolated that are looking for that same thing that you are looking for.