I would like to think

I would like to think....

I would like to think that poetic justice exists in the real world: That good triumphs over evil, that wrongs are made right. I would like to think that we lived in a fair world that champions virtues of community over sensationalist individualism. I would like to think that the person best suited for the job is the one that gets it. I would like to think there is a bigger plan to all of this.

Reality kicks in quite abruptly at times. Life is not always fair. Life does not always happen the way you would like it to happen. People often fail you without maliciousness and you often fail people in the same way. Reality often can be quite a difficult place to live in.

It is often difficult when you cannot make sense of things. It is often difficult to accept that things don't always to well in life. It is often difficult to believe that you can be hurt by someone you care about. It is often difficult to believe that you also have the capacity to hurt someone so deeply. It is often difficult to see others moving forward while you remain in the same circumstance. It is often easier to believe in superstitious things than to accept reality.

There are many ways which we deal with these ailments of the heart. Alcohol, sex, drugs, television etc. Often it does help in the short term.

The alternative?

To accept reality is often too hard to swallow. To accept reality is often something we would rather run from. Reality often shines a light on the insecurities of your own life. Reality often is the thing that we would like to run from the most.

Can we learn from it?

We most certainly can. Through reflecting on reality, we can find out what we value, what we love, what we hate and what we would like to change in the future. Through self-reflection, we can be better equipped to face reality and to grow and evolve. We can make progress in ourselves that hopefully manifest themselves into something far greater than the troubles we come across.

To accept reality is one of the most difficult and perhaps most helpful life lessons. 

To not accept reality is to stop evolving.