When you stop to smell the roses

Recently I purchased a Turntable and Amplifier to listen to music at home in my bedroom. I purchased Nils Frahm’s record “Solo” (which is amazing I might add) turned the record player on, put the vinyl on and listened to the whole record. What happened to me in that moment is very different to what happens to me when I listen to music on the go.

I stopped, I was free from distractions, it took much longer to physically set up music to be played thus I was more aware of what was going on around me. This lead to a deeply moving experience of art. One that shatters you. One that breaks you and rebuilds you. It left me feeling like I was in the clouds. It left me feeling refreshed.

The difference was all in the attention I gave it.

When you stop to smell the roses that you are often too busy to notice, you often end up with something more infinitely beautiful than what you are often distracted by.