Scandinavia pt.1

Sydney to Shanghai. Shanghai to Paris. Paris to Gothenburg. I had left home tired and worn out by the weight of the busy lifestyle that comes with living in Sydney. We hit the landing strip hard in Gothenburg bouncing off the runway until we finally came to a halt. "We've made it!". After 34 hours in transit we finally made it. Flying such a long distance is much better when you have good company. We reached Gothenburg at around 9pm and were very happy to be in Sweden. For Jenny, this was a usual trip but for me, this was my first time experiencing the beauty that I'd only seen in pictures and videos.



The winter weather had changed for the worse as it usually does for travelers. Instead of the snow that we had hoped for, it was wet and windy. Scandinavians when discussing the weather often say that it is "minus degrees" or "plus degrees". For the next few days it would be plus degrees but then a cold change would happen and it would go down to -5°c. Lakes would be frozen, roads would be icy and yet there would be no snow! At least we had the great company and a serious case of jet lag to contend with!