Vantablack - Words behind the music.

Vantablack is a chemical substance composed of a forest of vertical tubes which are "grown" on a substrate using a modified chemical vapor deposition process. When light strikes Vantablack, instead of bouncing off, it becomes trapped and is continually deflected amongst the tubes, eventually becoming absorbed and dissipating into heat. It is one of the darkest artificial substances.

When I think of the life I have had in the pentecostal persuasion and all that comes with the territory, the title of the song fits perfectly as a constant lurking idea that absorbs light into the abyss. The flirtation with the religious and the goodness that can be present within all human beings begs the question, "Is this song saying that religion absorbs any goodness [light] from within man and attempts to turn men to complete darkness"?

I've placed the lyrics below for you to read. Below that are the lyrics that tore me up inside and what I sing about when I sing this song.


Quiet soul, holy
Dye it all, rosary

And I break
Awake me, I break
Away, allay me, I break
Awake, awake me, I break
Away, allay me, I break

Higher soul, hire soul, bravery
Tighter hold, tie it all over me

With a simple word, honour me, open up
With a sinful word, widow me, sober up

Quiet soul, holy. The peace that comes from the belief that there is a god that knows you and understands you. Unless you have experienced this, you will never understand how peaceful this is.

And I break. Awake me, I break away, allay me. In my experience, this is the feeling of waking up from the matrix of well-weaved falsehoods that have taken their own hold over my life and needing my worries to be put to rest (allay).

With a sinful word, widow me, sober up. When the pastor found out that I wanted to move on, he wiped his hands clean of anything to do with me from that moment forward. I slowly became widowed from the community and it was a sobering and extremely painful experience, to say the least. To turn around and to realise that your community around you is slowly abandoning you.

Perhaps one day I will share with the world about my religious heritage and where that all fits into my life today. There's a big story to tell there. Unfortunately, my own story is not unique either. I wish it were. At least, you've heard a little bit of it.