The creative process

It's a fine Tuesday morning here in Sydney and thought I'd better start the day getting something out into the world that might help someone. I've been creating music and videos for quite some time now and there are a few things that I've picked up on the way on how to go about completing the creative process. So here is a list of things that need to happen in order to get the creative process started and finished. I know a lot of these seem obvious but often times it's a good thing to go over the fundamentals (myself included).

  1. Capture the idea: Often times it may be a melody or words floating around in your head. The important thing at that moment is to capture the idea before it flies away. I don't know about you but often times these ideas will stick around in my head for a minute or two at best. Having pen and paper or your phone to record the idea is the best way to save it for later work.

  2. Work on the idea: This may sound obvious but you'd think I was silly if you would see all the ideas that I haven't worked on in my phone or journal. You actually need to spend time with the idea. The first part is often inspiration but the second half is perspiration. Get your butt into gear and play around with it.

  3. Who needs to come on board: There are often people around that can take your idea and make it soar. Don't hesitate to get those people on board to help you with your idea. I have a song that requires some pretty epic string playing. Although I've got the song idea down in a fairly high-quality demo format, it would sound pretty average if I were to release it in that format. I'm going to be hiring an arranger to get this recorded with a string section.

  4. Release the idea: Don't set it on the shelf where it will collect dust and no one will be able to appreciate it. For me, completion of the process means actually having the song or video up online for people to see and often times that is when we bench the idea which if you think about it is one of the silliest things you can do for yourself. Even if it is an unfinished product, often times people enjoy the charm of something that isn't perfected.

To put my money where my mouth is, I'll share this original with you that has been benched for a while but needs a kick up the bum in order to get it out to the world.


Where did hope go

Did it fade did it rust?

Where did love go

Did it fade into dust?

Can your messiah save me from myself?

If you returned Could you save me from myself?

It was you