The day I almost took my own life


In 2010 I almost took my own life.

I stood at the edge of the cliff full of despair and hopelessness. One step and all of the pain would go away. I would be free of the demons that would haunt me. They were there where I lay sleeping. They were there when I woke. They walked with me through life. They would not leave me alone. This was my living nightmare.

A friend noticed my agony and approached me to ask if I was ok. Those words began to make their way through my cold shell and bring life where only darkness was. This started the year long process of healing and facing the fact that I was suffering from depression. Those kind and thoughtful words changed my world. That was eight years ago. I am happy to be alive today.

Depression is a debilitating condition. Everyone who goes through it experiences it quite differently. A simple question can start a conversation that could potentially save a life.

Remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.