2018 Goals


I'm sitting here in a cosy Airbnb in Melbourne taking stock of 2017 and making a list of things I'd love to see become a reality in 2018. Like all of us, life goes up and down and we mountaintop moments and moments in the valley. There's nothing surprising about that. However, I am a firm believer that it is what we do with those moments that can move us forward in life. It's the inspiration that we take from mountaintop moments that continues to fuel us when we are in that valley. Our hearts are filled when we are at the top of the mountain, yet our will and our spirit is tested when we are in the valley. Through that testing comes the refinement of our craft and character. There have been many moments where my own will has not been strong enough to prevail in those valleys and I don't mind that I do not always succeed since that's a normal part of life. I will own my own failures and successes. Giving something a go and failing or succeeding is a learning experience so either one can be beneficial. The only way that we can get to that point though is if we plan and put out our dreams.


Here are a few resolutions and goals that I'd love to implement in the New Year.

  • Create some high- quality videos on youtube.

  • Work in a place that gives me the security financially to pursue all of these dreams (especially my travel dreams).

  • Experiment more online (Vlogs, Reviews, Recordings).

Here are a handful of goals that I think are a good place to start and I can't wait to get back home to Sydney to start making these dreams become a reality.

So here it is. I really haven't refined my writing here but I think its best left in its raw and current form and perhaps I can fine tune it from there in the future.

Feel free to share some of your own goals down in the comments below if you're into sharing.

Have a safe and happy 2018 and I'll see you soon!


Daren Sirbough

In amidst the fireplace and the wandering thoughts lie melodies that repeat themselves over and over again like a raging sea across the shores of the coastline. The words often come later and are fragments of the many lives lived in this body. The seeker; a lost soul; the lover; a mourning wanderer; the story teller; the hopeful dreamer and the list goes on and continues to grow as each days light fades into the horizon.

Yours always,