Home recordings

A lot of ideas of mine never see the light of day. In one sense, I like that. In another, I don’t. Some ideas or bodies of work are for a larger audience while other ones are perhaps only meant to serve an audience of one. Whoever the art is for, I believe it is important to keep creating no matter what. It is what we do as people with the gift of art. I’m learning that more and more every day.

Daren Sirbough

In amidst the fireplace and the wandering thoughts lie melodies that repeat themselves over and over again like a raging sea across the shores of the coastline. The words often come later and are fragments of the many lives lived in this body. The seeker; a lost soul; the lover; a mourning wanderer; the story teller; the hopeful dreamer and the list goes on and continues to grow as each days light fades into the horizon.

Yours always,